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Music Podcast

A Rest Stop For Your Mind And Body
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Episode 1 Bamboo Forest

The theme of this episode is Stress Relief. Accompanied by the music, listen to the wind brushing through the leaves, feel the breeze of the bamboo forest, smell the fragrance in the air, and see the vibrant colours in front of your eyes. We hope you feel refreshed and relieved after your trip to the bamboo forest.  Relax your body and mind with our first episode.

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Episode 2

Animal Companion

The theme of this episode is Energy Boost. Who doesn't like cute animals? Our fluffy, chubby, little buddies. Our favourite animals may vary but we share similar feelings towards adorable animals such as warmth and a sense of companionship. With this second episode, we hope to bring you these feelings with our music. This episode is filled with CUTENESS and may not be suitable for deep relaxation.

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Episode 3 

Sleeping On a Cloud

This episode is about Falling Asleep. Nothing recharges our energy like a good night’s sleep. That is why in this episode we invite you to a warm, comfortable, and soft bed on the cloud. The soft and fluffy texture of the clouds invites you to touch, lie down and close your eyes. Let the clouds in the sky carry your imagination and bring you sweet dreams.

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Episode 4 Enchanted Land

In this episode you will go on a journey of Self-Discovery. Life is a mystery to be lived, not a problem to be solved. How about a quick 10-minute adventure with us in the music from the enchanted land? Don’t you wonder what sights you will get to see and what creatures you will get to meet? Maybe you will just find your inner-strengths after this musical adventure. Come explore the mystery in the enchanted land!

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Episode 5 

Muscle Relaxation with Colour

In this episode we bring you a deep Muscle Relaxation experience. Enveloped in the flow of music, you will be guided to relax every part of your body. You will be asked to choose a colour to take into your body during this experience and allow this imaginary colour to circulate in your body, bringing you the energy you need. Come and enjoy this deep relaxation while music massages your body.


Episode 6 Zen Garden

In this episode we bring you back to the memories of playing games like Minecraft where you get to build a universe of your own in your mind. With the help of the narrator's voice, you will be guided to build your own garden filled with plants and animals that can bring calm and comfort to our life. So sit back, relax and be ready to imagine!


Episode 7

Sunrise On a Hill

This episode focuses on the morning sunshine, mother nature and positive feelings with the use of the Raag Bhrav which is a traditional Indian scale typically used in the morning. It features Sarita player, Sarita McHarg. We highly recommend you listen to this before starting your day to boost your energy!


Episode 8

Unhooking from Anxious Thoughts

This episode introduces an exercise to relieve anxiety. When you feel anxious, do you often come across some negative self-talk? These thoughts lead to low mood and make us less motivated. Today, with the music, we imagine this thought as words on a computer screen in your mind. We can change the formatting of the words, the font, the colour. By looking at these negative thoughts from a different perspective, we will learn how to unhook from them and take the power away from these unhelpful thoughts. This unhooking exercise is from the book “The Happiness Trap” by Dr. Russ Harris.


Sound Healing Journey

Episode 9

In episode 9, Puoro Jerome, a Maori musician from New Zealand, use his collection of more than 40 Maori instruments to bring us the sounds of nature. Let’s enjoy the world beyond the city and breath within the rhythm of mother land.


Episode 10


This episode is about celebration, to celebrate you and all that you have achieved in this truly memorable year. Don't forget to tell yourself how special and wonderful you truly are, to be proud of yourself! So let's relax your mind and body for this final episode of our podcast.

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   The Podcast

The iMagine Music podcast aims to improve the mental wellbeing of individuals through the combination of music therapy-informed approaches and original composition featuring a diverse range of music genre and instruments. 


Guided by a narrator at the beginning and the end of the podcast, listeners are encouraged to engage and immerse fully in the podcast while creating images through their own IMAGINATION (thus the name of this podcast).


It is believed that this music and imagery process can have positive impact on the listeners' mental wellbeing. Besides, through the podcast, listeners will be equipped with self-care resources to support themselves in their future endeavour.

The Podcast is created by four musicians who met while studying in the University of Melbourne.




Bingyao Liu

Kanghui Yu

Content Director

Managing Director

Boya Duan

Jun Bin Lee

Finance Director

Artistic Director